Ujuzi Compliance is an AML solutions provider based in Nairobi Kenya.It is a brand of Ujuzi Software Solutions Limited

Our Process


At Ujuzi Software Solutions everything begins with research. We enjoy saturating ourselves in our specific problem domains before pen ever hits paper to draft designs. Additionally, in light of the fast pace of change of technology, at Ujuzi we are keenly aware of the risk of falling behind the latest technology. We therefore begin by identifying the current state-of-the-art technology then seek to improve on that. We also aim to minimise the negative impact of our technology on our clients'processes. 


Based on the designs we then develop our solutions our software development methodology emphasises speed and solid solution architecture. 

Quality Assurance

Once our solutions are bulit we implement various tests against them including unit tests, integration tests, stress tests. At this point we also engage in heavy documentation of the system, its user interfaces, its inner workings and its administration requirements. 


Needless to say our solutions do not operate in vaccuums. To this end we build our solutions with an emphasis on plug and play implementations. By this we aim to make the integration of our systems with other systems as fast and easy as possible. It is also at this stage that we include client-specific customisations to our solutions. 


A large component of successful system implementations includes user training. As such we ensure that the users of our solutions receive adequate training in business as usual aspects of the system as well as the more arcance functionalities available in the system. 


At the end of the effort we look back at the total quality of our systems and analyse areas for improvement. We then rinse and repeat the process beginning with research and design. 


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